C.C.T.V. and Observation

Clear observation and accurate monitoring are essential if you need to keep an eye on your home or business.

Whether you need a simple observation system to act as a deterrent or a complete C.C.T.V. solution with record and archive functions. From site survey to design, through to commissioning your system, Aspect Vision & Security will provide you or your business with an affordable and flexible C.C.T.V. solution.

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Digital CCTV equipment

Digital CCTV technology is a vast improvement over analogue, the equipment is neater, smaller and the storage capacity is greater. If you have an analogue system we might be able to use some of your existing equipment and upgrade it to digital.

Digital CCTV records to a stand-alone unit called a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) on either one or multiple hard drives. These vary in storage capacity depending on how many cameras you have and the recording resolution. Typically, hard drives have the capacity for taking 9 or 16 cameras and multiples there of; it is always best to leave space to add extra cameras at a later date.

Digital CCTV equipment

The clarity of the digital recording during playback has vastly improved over the last few years. This, combined with easy accessibility for finding footage, has proved a powerful tool in apprehending criminals.

What is Network Video or CCTV?

Network Video/CCTV equipmentNetwork video or CCTV, often referred to as IP-Surveillance for specific applications within security surveillance and remote monitoring, is a system which gives users the ability to monitor and record video over an IP network (LAN/WAN/Internet)

Unlike analog video or CCTV systems, network video uses the network, rather than dedicated point-to-point cabling, as the backbone for transporting information. The term network video refers to both the video and audio sources available throughout the system. In a network video application, digitized video streams are transferred to any location in the world via a wired or wireless IP network, enabling video monitoring and recording from anywhere on the network.

Network Video/CCTV equipmentNetwork video can be used in an almost unlimited number of situations; however, most of its uses fall into one of the following two categories:

  • Security surveillance
    Network video's advanced functionality makes it highly suited to the applications involved in security surveillance. The flexibility of digital technology enhances security personnel’s ability to protect people, property and assets. Such systems are therefore an especially attractive option for companies currently using CCTV.

  • Remote monitoring
    Network Video/CCTV equipmentNetwork video gives users the ability to gather information at all key points of an operation and view it in real-time. This makes the technology ideal for monitoring equipment, people and places both locally and remotely. Application examples include traffic and production line monitoring, and the monitoring of multiple store locations.

Network Video/CCTV equipmentThe main vertical markets where network video systems have been successfully installed are:

  • Education
    Security and remote monitoring of school playground areas, corridors, halls and classrooms, as well as security of the buildings themselves.

  • Transportation
    Remote monitoring of railway stations and tracks, highways and airports.

  • Banking
    Traditional security applications in high street banks, branch offices and ATM locations.

  • Government
    For surveillance purposes, to provide safe and secure public environments.

  • Retail
    For security and remote monitoring purposes to make store management easier and more efficient.

  • Industrial
    Monitoring manufacturing processes, logistic systems, warehouse and stock control systems

Remote Access equipmentWith the improvement of broadband connection speeds, technology has moved forward to allow live video streaming down your broadband connection. By installing digital CCTV, you are able to securely access and view any one of your cameras, remotely on line, from any computer from anywhere in the world!

Remote Access equipmentTo achieve this you would need a broadband connection with a static TCP/IP address and a broadband router. Please contact our sales deptartment for further help and advice.

The installation of all our equipment is carried out by our own qualified engineers or, in certain circumstances, subcontracted to our approved specialist partners.

If the equipment is not installed correctly, the images from the C.C.T.V. could be blurred, equipment might fail completely and intruders might not be detected, possibly resulting in loss of property and valuable evidence.

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